Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The shape of things to come

For a while it felt more like funeral than a christening. There was a great sense of loss as the concrete was being poured and the plans that have been living, breathing and growing for years were set in stone. Gravel to gravel. Cement to cement.

Now that the first pieces of wood have gone down and the scaffolding has gone up, it really seems like we have a house. You can see the scaffolding from across the bridge, where in a few days there will be a roof, and in a few months a whole house. From the shape of the scaffolding, you can see roughly how the house is going to look. I've been taking pictures from strategic spots around the plot, with a view to charting the progress of the building and ultimately creating a movie from all the stills. It's a relief, now that the scaffolding is up and the shape of the building is clearer, to see that it will fit into the frame that I have been taking the pictures within. 

Now I have to work out exactly where to take pictures inside the house, so that the same effect can be created with the interior, as it turns from empty space surrounded by scaffolding to furnished space. I need a good idea of where we'll be able to take pictures from when it's all ready. I'm sure there is somewhere from the scaffolding that will correspond to a good interior shot of the house, but it's tricky to work out exactly where it will be.