Thursday, 15 September 2011

A short video guide to our house

Featuring Joe and Rick. 

I wasn't sure how to embed video into the blog.

I made the movie files in flash, which could be the cause of my problems. At least it could be because of some vendetta between Google and Adobe.

Blogger won't allow me to upload flash as a picture. I could't upload flash into Picasa, which is where I keep my photos, except by pretending it was a photo. It will play within Picasa, but only allow other sites to see it as a jpeg still.

The solution was to upload flash to google docs, which will leave files in their original format, and allow them to be public on the web. Then I linked there. In fact, it provided code to embed it, which saved me some work. Thank you Google docs!  Blogger and Picasa, try a little harder!