Thursday, 13 October 2011

Early house guests

I started writing this message on July 28th, the day after a visit to
the house by a delegation viewing plus-energy houses.

I didn't take any pictures of them, but here is a list of the people
who visited the house to see the insulation and airtightness work. I
may have some of the names wrong. Sorry!

Hiroshi Ishiguro from Kyoei House in Chitose city, Hokkaido, the
northernmost island of Japan.
株式会社 協栄ハウス 北海道千歳市 石黒浩史

Takahiro Suzuki and Shigeichi Saruta from Suzukiyo in Noshiro city,
Akita ken up north.
株式会社 鈴喜代 能代市秋田県 鈴木隆宏 猿田茂一

Mr. Mikame and Mr. Kabashima of Tokyu Homes in Shibuya ward, Tokyo.
株式会社 東急ホームズ 東京都渋谷区 三瓶 樺島

Hideo Tomita from Hideo Tomita studio in Nerima ward, Tokyo.
富田秀雄建築アトリエ 東京都練馬区 富田秀雄

Hideyuki Motobashi from Altas Ever in Yokohama city, Kanagawa, South
west of Tokyo.
アトラスエヴァ株式会社 神奈川県横浜市 本橋秀之

Kei Kato from Atelier Kei in Kamakura city, Kanagawa.
アトリエけい 神奈川県鎌倉市 加藤景

Two Kusakaris and a Mr Yoshida from Macklife in Yokohama city, Kanagawa.
株式会社 マックライフ 神奈川県横浜市 草刈 x 2 吉田

Mr. Sekine of Channel Original, Wooden siding manufacturers in Yokohama.
チャンルオリジナル株式会社 神奈川県横浜市 関根

Messrs. Ishizaka, Oyama, Higashino, Odanaka from Gadelius in Minato ward, Tokyo.
ガデリウス 東京都港区 石坂 尾山 東野 小田中

Mr. Sasaki from Nagano P.S. in Nagano city.
長野ピーエス 長野市 佐々木

and of course Messrs. Egawa and Kobayashi from Shinetsu BIB in Nagano.
信越BIB 江川、小林

It felt nice to have so many visitors, and a few of them said thank
you, that they had learnt something and that it had been interesting.
Some of them just scowled. None of them introduced themselves.

To give some context, apparently the purpose of this visit was to
persuade a skeptical group of the merits and techniques of glass wool
insulation, so their scowling may have been towards the host of their
tour and his apocryphal techniques, and not just a sign of rude guests
in my house.

One guy brought some cakes as a gift. I wish I knew who, so I could
say thank you.

Perhaps I should have been a bit more assertive, although it seemed
like a good opportunity to talk to the electrician and site foreman,
and actually get some practical decisions made, so I stayed out of the
house when they were all inside. Also, I felt there was a danger of me
breaking into some kind of argument either with the architect or the
insulation guy, so it seemed safer to avoid the conflict and loiter
under the scaffolding.

As it was, my architect was evidently standing there holding court
about why and how he'd made all the decisions on his house, when in
fact for most of the time he has been misunderstanding or sneering at

Meanwhile under the scaffolding some important solidarity was built up
with the site foreman and electrician, who are doing a lot of the real
work to build the house, rather than drawing pictures that aren't even
particularly pretty.