Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Low Energy Buildings from Cambridge Carbon Footprint

An interesting range of approaches to low energy building that you can visit if you're in the Cambridge area. Most have detailed case studies.

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Cambridge eco homes open their doors!

We're really proud of the 15 homes taking part in this years Open Eco Homes. We've got DIY dreams, cosy custom-builds and everything in between. Book now for free tours this Saturday 19th and Sunday 27th September, or click the links below to take a tour through some of the eco home case studies.  They're a great example of how doing things differently can be both good for your home and better for the environment.
Street Description Age 19 27 Insulation Energy Materials Water Other
A Eachard Rd
Case Study
Semi-detached Restored home with thorough insulation & renewables. 1935 Internal & external wall, floor, loft Woodstove (for cooking, heating and hot water), solar PV Wood for building extension and conservatory Four water butts Wood fuel sourced partly from own garden
B Sherlock Rd 2
Case Study
Semi-detached Enlarged family home treated to ensure low energy living 1937 Internal (DIY & pro) & external wall, flat & pitched roof Heat recovery and ventilation system Woodfibre wall insulation, recycled plasterboard Low flow showers, low volume flush WCs Collaborative design and building approach
C Oxford Rd
Case Study
Detached Ecorenovation of extended 1920s house 1927 Cavity wall, floor, loft conversion roof Solar PV Timber windows (with aluminium cladding) Bathtub siphoning Turn off larger of two fridges when not required
Madingley Rd
Case Study
Detached custom-built home with low carbon design and materials 2010 Internal and external wall, roof and underfloor insulation Solar gain, ground source heat pump, woodstove Hemp & wood fibre wall insulation, Marmoleum Rainwater harvesting for toilets, laundering & garden Sedum roof, wildflower meadow, pond
Silverdale Av
CB23 7PP
Case Study
Detached Custom-built timber frame home and office in Coton 2013 External wall, roof, interfloor, triple glazing Solar PV, heat recovery, passive solar FSC timber Dual flush toilets, water butt, water softener Flexible design for any future change of use
F Eltisley Av
Case Study
Mid-terrace Innovative low-cost ecorenovation 1902 Insulated loft conversion, floor, some triple glazing Woodstove, DIY awnings for cooling Reclaimed pine flooring, Marmoleum (eco-lino) Low flow showers, low volume flush WCs Wood store with sedum roof
Lingrey Court
Case Study
Semi-detached 'Zero-carbon' concept house & family home. 2015 Insulated panel construction, some triple-glazing Solar PV, heat recovery, heat-saving shower FSC-certified timber cladding Water-saving WCs, showers and baths Green roof, herbs, fruit and veg growing
H Gilbert Rd
Case Study
Semi-detached Extended and comprehensively insulated home 1930 Internal and external wall, floor, loft, thermal-lined curtains Solar water heating, woodburning stove Reclaimed bricks Water butts Bike shed, wood store
J Fen Rd
Case Study
Semi-detached Thoughtful ecorenovation with low carbon heating 1897 Internal and external wall insulation Solar thermal, woodstove Reclaimed wood Two water butts for chalk-free garden watering DIY solar thermal installation
K Chesterton Rd
Case Study
Detached Radical refurbishment of Victorian home 1896 pm pm Internal & external wall, floor, loft Solar thermal, heat recovery & ventilation Water butts, dual flush WCs, low-flow showers Sunpipe
L Nuttings Road
Case Study
Low-carbon, low-cost family home
1950s Cavity wall, loft, hot water tank, under bath, triple layer curtains Solar PV & thermal, woodstove, heat recovery Eco-paint, wool insulation, Rainwater harvesting, spray taps, toilet 'Hippo' Sedum roof, vegetable growing, terracotta fridge
M St Barnabus Rd
Case Study
Semi-detached Highly-insulated home with low-carbon lifestyle 1897 Internal wall, roof, floor, double- and secondary-glazed sashes Zone heating controls, woodstove, passive solar Reused building materials and furnishings Water butts, low water-consuming lifestyle
N Coleridge Rd
Case Study NEW
Semi-detached Thorough ecorenovation of family home 1930 External wall (brick slips), floor, converted loft insulation Zone heating Salvaged French door Dual flush toilets, water butt, water softener Vegetable garden,
O Mowbray Rd
Case Study
Detached Newbuild PassivHaus standard home 2015 Wall and roof insulation, airtight structure. Mechanical ventilation & heat recovery Wood frame & walls. Recycled newspaper insulation Rainwater harvesting for garden and WCs. Mechanical heat recovery filters pollen
P Topcliffe Way
Case Study
Detached Economical ecorenovation for low energy family living 1963 Cavity wall, loft and external wall Woodstove, solar PV & thermal, heat recovery Rainwater harvesting, DIY greywater toilet

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Feedback from past Open Eco Homes visitors has been overwhelmingly positive (we're now in our 6th year  running it). Visitors love learning from other householders on how they've made their homes warm, and saved money on their bills.

And don't forget that we've also got five follow up events to help get you started on your own home. Keep reading below for more info on these, and for dates for out next round of thermal imaging training just announced!
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The CCF Team

Open Eco Homes
Open for free visits on Sat 19th & Sun 27th September, householders show how they save energy. including:
draft-proofing, many types of insulation and low-carbon energy sources such as wood-stoves, solar and heat-pumps. Smart behaviour and taking control of home-energy too.
There's a wide variety of Open Eco Homes:
  • retro-fitted & new-build
  • low cost & really stylish
  • simple & high tech
Householders will show visitors how they save energy, cut bills and stay comfortable.