Friday, 3 March 2017

David Mackay for science adviser!

The so-called president of the United States has been very slow to appoint a science adviser. This may simply be because he just doesn't care about science. His mission is in changing people's perception of America, not actually changing anything in the real world.

If this isn't worrying enough, a more sinister reason may be that it is difficult to find a credible science adviser who will deny the climate and keep the fossil fueled forces behind the White House happy. He seems to be looking at William Happer now, a physicist who apparently says climate change is great. It's difficult to imagine somebody more on-target.

The argument that climate change will bring more advantages than disadvantages is a bit difficult to maintain, although it may be tenable. He also claims that predictions of warming were exaggerated, although when you look at Jim Hansen's work from 1988, the predictions have been very close.

Happer also appears on this list of 300 "scientists" telling trump to burn the climate, carefully analysed by the Guardian's John Abraham.

I think David Mackay would make a great science adviser. Not only is he able to put things in simple terms, but he also has a good grasp of the reality of our energy problem, and realistic suggestions about what we can do.

Here is his TED talk: