Friday, 3 June 2011

All in a day's work

Yesterday there was blue tarp, filled with puddles, and today it looks like a house.

When I got there a little after 8am, most of the pillars for the first floor were in place. When they knocked off a little before six, they had reached the roof. Tomorrow they should get the rafters and the bottom of the roof on, and it will be ready for the solar panels, which arrive on Tuesday.

It's impressive what seven men with tabi on their feet and tools belts around their waists can do with a crane and seven truckloads of wood. 

The wood was all ready cut and in many places it looked like a giant puzzle that had been set for the carpenters by the architect, who was standing watching from the edge of the site for a lot of the time.

It's amazing how quickly this has turned from a stagnant pool of concrete into something that really resembles the house that we've been planning for the past two years. It's a bit like a sumo bout where they spend half an hour position themselves and eyeing each other up, then the action is over in about three seconds.

Yesterday I was looking at puddles in tarpaulin, and today I was walking around upstairs. A link has finally been made between the building in my head and a solid and substantial house we can live in!