Friday, 16 September 2011

What about the low tension cable lighting then?

So the fundamental problem with tension cable lighting systems for LEDs is that they are in parallel, as we saw in this post. At least they are if you just have two wires. It is possible to run them in series if you use four wires. Like this. 

This is looking down from above, the space on the right is above the dining table, there is a beam in the middle, and the space on the left is above the living area. The wires are in blue, held onto beams and walls by the T-shaped supporters and tensioners. The Qs are lights and the Xs are isolators. 

In a way this is more flexible than having two wires, as you could have the three lights lined up perpendicular to the wires. Of course you can't have the three lights strictly in a row going the other way.

And in fact, it's possible to run them with only three wires, as long as you use an isolator. 

In fact, it's possible to run tension cables in series with only two wires.