Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pictures of windows - not recommended for any over-excitable readers - contains explicit pictures (of windows)

Just been going through the photos again and making many more albums and removing a tiny number of photos. Not sure if progress is going in the right direction.

I had just been throwing any pictures of windows into a "windows" folder--eat your heart out Bill Gates--but decided they should really be grouped with pictures of the same window. It was a bit tricky in a few places to work out which rectangular shape on a flat wall was being represented. I wish the computer would help, as it tries to do with pictures of people. They're getting better and better at face-recognition, but wall-recognition and even angle-of shot recognition in general have a lot of work to do. Perhaps it should be up to GPS and direction-sensors in the camera.


Anyway, among over 300 shots, there wasn't much fairness in the distribution between the 18 windows in the house. There were over 30 of the upstairs window on the west wall. I think my desk may end up under this, so I will probably continue to spend a lot of time looking at it. I've just noticed that in around the third shot the handle suddenly switched from the right side to the left side. This must have either been put in upside down, or switched for another window.

There were only two shots of this window in the washitsu, the Japanese room, at the north of the house. Here's one of them. I should probably start taking more pictures of this.

Actually the most pictures were taken of this window on the north, although most of them were taken, at around 10-second intervals, while it was being installed.  As usual, among most of the pictures several were identical, where I've been diligently charting progress on a daily basis of a process that is characterised by weeks of stagnation and then rapid change.

I think my favourite is this one in the kitchen though. Notice the sockets to the right creeping around with our prevarications.