Monday, 7 November 2011


It always seems to be a very safe country. Bicycle locks here would not last five minutes in the UK, but this is ridiculous. Not only does this guy seem to be using an extension lead for a bicycle lock, he isn't even using it!

Or maybe it's an electric bicycle with the motor built into the bottom bracket and batteries within the frames, and the extension is used to charge it.

I'm not sure to what extent the safety of Japan is a myth and a cliche, but we frequently leave the door of our old house unlocked, and even if it were locked, anyone who wanted to could very easily get in. In over ten years I don't think anyone ever has. The new house, with continental European technology on doors and windows is, by comparison, a fortress. We noticed a wire sticking out of the frame of the front door, and knowing it had something to do with remote unlocking were wondering whether we could hook it up to the door bell. It took us a long time to work out that this was not actually affecting the lock at all; just undoing the plate on the wall so the door could open when it's on the latch. European front doors generally open inwards, and usually have no handle on the outide, just a keyhole. Our door opens outwards, and has a handle, so triggering the plate on the wall to open is not going to help us a great deal, unless we have a visitor who doesn't know how a door handle works.