Saturday, 31 December 2011


There's something very satisfying about putting up shelves. We have moved a few shelf racks from the old house, carefully considering rooms sizes and layouts and deciding where they go. Two are still outside but their destiny is more or less sealed. 

Within the house there are several places where adjustable shelf racks have been installed. Two metal strips run up and down each side of the space, and they even have numbers on each square hole in them so you can make sure the shelves are level. It's usually impossible to see the numbers, unless you're at exactly the right angle, but it's a nice idea. 

During our extensive planning of the the house, we both wanted fixed shelves, but for different reasons. For my wife, fixed shelves mean that you don't have to look at the metal strips or the pegs they hold, and they are more aesthetically pleasing. For me, fixed shelves mean that you cannot adjust them, which is a good thing, because you will never have to adjust them.

So we got movable shelves, and I've spent hours now moving them up and down, standing back, getting a second opinion finding they are not quite the right size for what we want to put on them, and then moving them up or down a little.

And having a marvellous time doing it.