Monday, 26 December 2011

We're in!

We moved in on Friday. There is still some stuff left in the last house, and plenty of cleaning and tidying to do there, but we have everything we need in the new house--it's just a case of getting it out of the right box. Since we did the big move on Friday with some help from our friends, and a three-ton removal van and the professionals, we've been back three or four times to get more stuff. I forgot to get the kettle twice times. 

There are still plenty of boxes everywhere, but we're determined to get everything out of them. Rather than rummaging through to find things, we're trying to take things out and put them away as we go along. Now that we have a new home, we're also trying to find a home for all the little things that live in it. The storage space should be ample, but seems to be very quickly filling up.

Already it feels more comfortable than the old house, even though the underfloor heating isn't working yet. They're coming to fix that today, so it should be a couple of degrees warmer. It's now somewhere in the mid teens, which is fine if you're moving around, and we  have an electric carpet under the dining table, and put the air conditioner on. 

When the removal men were in the house, they opened one door on the north side and one on the south side, which very effectively got a through draft of biting winter air. Even then, as soon as you went upstairs it was much warmer. 

There is still a little more work to do on the house, and a few hundred things to write about.