Sunday, 26 February 2012

Not sure if it's Eco, or cute, but it can certainly do wonders with hot water

The fancy display panel on the wall next to the kitchen allows us to set the tap temperature anywhere between 35 and 60 degrees, and the clever control system will mix the water from the boiler, at a much higher temperature, with cold water to get us what we want.

The bath can be set to fill automatically to a range of heights and temperatures although only up to 48 degrees. So we can't use the bath for making soup.

The system is very intelligent. We tried to fill up the bath with the plug out the other day and very quickly the eco cute realised our mistake and switched off the water.

In our old house about once or twice every week we would either leave the water running so that it was spilling over the top, overheat the bath so that we needed to throw hot water away before we got in, or both.

Little bars on the display panel show us how much hot water is available from the tank. One bar for 50 litres at 50 degrees. 2 bars for 100 l, 3 bars for 150 l, 4 bars for 200 l and 5 bars for 300 l or more. With a 460 l tank, with water over 60 degrees, there will be a full five bars with just half the heat capacity of the tank. I'm having trouble finding in the manual exact temperatures for the high, medium and low temperatures the boiler can be set at, but in the spec at the end, it gives a range of 65 to 90 degrees.

As well as the bars, the display panel will show how much hot water there is, measured in number of baths and minutes of shower. I think it measures a bath as around 30 minutes of shower. At full tank, I've seen it gives one bath and 95 minutes shower, so it doesn't count in multiple baths. That wouldn't make sense in a communal bathing culture, as you can only have one bath.

There's a display panel in the bathroom, but this just shows how many minutes of shower are left. I suppose if you're in the bath, you won't be interested in how many baths there are, as you already have one, and if you're having a shower, you won't want to have a bath. I keep meaning to compare the number of minutes shower on the bathroom panel with the number of baths and minuts shower on the panel down stairs to get a more precise relationship between baths and minutes shower, but haven't managed yet. Anyway it wouldn't be that precise because the number of minutes shower is only to nearest five.

Everything works really well, but it's very difficult to find exact data, for example how hot is the water in the tank? How much is there? How much hot water did we use each day? 

The machine knows a lot of this, and when the temperature is set to "medium", it is looking at how much water we've been using, and heating the water appropriately. Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to know that information too!