Sunday, 5 February 2012

Talking rubbish

We moved over a month ago and there is still some rubbish to clear up in the old house. We've been trying to get back there in between working, sorting out our new home and looking after the kids, and it's mostly cleared up, but there is still work to do. I switched off the electricity at the breaker, so the water pipe heaters have been off, and the pipes are now frozen. It's been below freezing for most of the last fortnight, and was minus 2.4 at the height of the midday sun today.

We moved what we immediately needed as soon as we could. In fact we moved most of our stuff on the first day. Some things that we're going to need later, we moved later. Then, out of what remains, we've been taking the things that we want and throwing away what we don't want. There still seems to be stuff left in the gap between. Then there are things we don't really want, or need, but feel that somebody, somewhere must want or need them so we shouldn't throw them away.

For example, the things that people gave us when we had a baby, that they had used when they had had a baby. Should we throw them away or give them to someone else who has just had a baby? But actually, a lot of these thing we never really used when we had a baby. Maybe the people who gave them to us didn't use them either. These things just get bought by one pair of gullible parents and passed on from couple to couple without ever being used. This must be a lucrative business.

Anyway, the remains of our residence are becoming increasingly large and undiscernible. Even if we decide to throw something away, Matsumoto's rigourous rubbish regime takes some navigating, and you can't just leave any old crap in a wheelie bin out the back whenever you like, but that is a topic for another day.