Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Things IV. Power sockets at the top of the stairs.

Doesn't this look a really silly place for a power socket?

Especially when there's lots of space on the other side.

It's an invitation to make a trip wire. Shouldn't this be illegal? Like having a door opening onto a staircase, it is inviting danger. There's another one further down the steps too. What was he thinking? Fair enough having as many sockets as you can, but do you need them where there is a chance of sending somebody tumbling down the stairs and being electrocuted? It was on the drawings and I should have picked it up.

I think the reason it is there is because he wanted to put a power socket with a built in nightlight there. Something that would automatically come on when it got dark so that you can see where the steps are. A very clever invention, apart from the rather obvious fact that you don't necessarily want a socket where you want a light. I suppose they are a good way of making sure that you're using electricity all the time, even if it is just a watt or two. I can just imagine how it was invented by some old fart who had inherited a big electrical company from his dad, and came up with the brain wave when he got home drunk one evening. The next morning, when he told everyone else about his wonderful idea, they all went "yes boss, that's a wonderful idea," massaging his ego and nursing their hangovers.

Also, in the case of our house, it's even more ridiculous as there is a sensor light in the ceiling above the stairs so the lights come on automatically when you walk near them. I told him I didn't want his stupid nightlight power sockets, but he left the sockets in exactly the same place.

Another fossil of a silly decision, carelessly missed in my checking of details, exposed in the house for all to see but few to notice.