Friday, 31 August 2012

Why is the electricity company paying us so much?

The arrival of bills is not usually the high point of joy, but in our house, each time an electric bill comes, there's a burst of excitement.

The electricity bill for August is 54,240 yen. That's what they are going to pay us. The only thing I wonder is, why so much?

This compares with 44,976 for July--about 10,000 yen more. We sold 1130 kWh, which is a record. July was 937, which is typical, so we sold about 200 kWh more than usual. Either we must have made a lot more, or used a lot less in the daytime. We used less than usual, or at least paid for less. We are being billed for just 5,205 yen compared to 5,935 yen for July, which gives us an idea of how much we used in the evening and at night. This was for the period 24th July to 23rd August, which corresponds pretty much exactly to the school holidays, so in fact I'd expect three people to use more electricity in the day time than just one.

As the meter is read by a human being, with daily generation up to 60 kWh, it could make a difference of a couple of thousand yen on the monthly bill whether the person comes to read in the morning or the evening. 

I'll have to wait until the end of the month and my ritual of copying numbers from one computer screen to another before finding out for sure, but I think there was a lot of generation in this period. Judging by the graph on the display panel, there was at least 25 kWh everyday. Usually there are a few days every month when it's cloudy or rainy all day and there is a single figure generation. 

Not complaining of course!