Monday, 7 October 2013

A random assortment of websites relating to solar power

Here are some links to sites about solar power with varying levels of relevance to each other and the real world. Actually a lot of the links are not even about solar power but at some point they seemed worth keeping, so it's just possible somebody else may find them useful. They are all working at the time of posting, although I had to throw a few out of the longer list I had before.

There's a slim chance that somebody who reads this may find one of these sites interesting, and I'm not sure whether to press the send button, or delete.

This is Chofu's Solar heater (in Japanese)

Here are some water tanks (also in Japanese)

This is about heating in Passive Houses.

Not really connected to solar power, but here's a company in India supplying phase change materials:

Here's a paper about using solar water heating with phase change materials, actually making the last link relevant. Anant Shuklaa, D. Buddhib, R. L. Sawhneya, (2009). Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 13(8), 2119–2125.

And another one from Atul Sharmaa, V. V. Tyagib, C. R. Chena, D. Buddhib, (2009). Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 13(2), 318–345