Tuesday, 11 February 2014

You need a creel

Some friends of ours are planning a house. They have a long list of requirements, which is a very good idea. One of them is a hoist, or dumb waiter, for getting laundry upstairs. The problem is they want the washing machine downstairs, but to hang the washing upstairs. I suggested they get a creel. Not sure how to say that in Japanese, so I googled a picture. 

At first it came up with lobster pots and some town in Mexico, so I modified the search to add "laundry", and found this. 

The first picture was from a website of a company in my hometown. The next picture was from the town next door. I have seen one of these in a house in Japan, but it was the home of a lass from West Yorkshire.

I'm not sure if that's where the technology is from, but I think the name creel is Northern. Apparently in Scotland they're called pulleys

We had one in our sun lounge and always used to call it a creel. Apparently they are making a comeback as people try to cut their electricity bills by using tumble dryers. At least that's what the website selling them said.