Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Three Eco houses

Here is an assortment of houses, each different and all interesting. 

Shiga Eco House project, ecohouse66 is something like what I would have liked to do.

Well insulated and solar powered, but also they did a lot of the building themselves, and were more careful using recycled and sustainable materials.

And here's a house being made of straw.

Seems like a good material to use!

And then there is Tighthouse - a passive house in New York city. I think "tight" refers to the airtightness, not the reticence of the owner to open his wallet. 

This is interesting because it's an urban retrofit, so it doesn't fit the stereotype of the eco house. However, since increasing numbers of the world's billions are going to be living in cities, and using existing buildings will likely use fewer resources, these are the kinds of eco houses we need!