Saturday, 12 April 2014

"The only generation participants intend is that of profit"

There's an article on Solar generation in the 9th April, 2014 Japan News, formerly known as the Daily Yomiuri, AKA the mouthpiece of the LDP.

It seems broadly based on fact but has a bit of a derisory tone to it, with comments such at "the ultimate cost of this problematic situation will be shouldered by ordinary people throughout Japan, via their electricity bills."

It also seems to skew the view of businesses engaged in building solar farms who are locked in to a favourable rate for a 20-year contract, by first naming a Chinese company that is investing heavily in Japan, then talking about other foreign investors rubbing their hands with glee at the investment opportunities in Japan. So foreign investment in Japan's solar industry is a bad thing? Seems quite clever to me! 

Meanwhile at the end of the article it alludes to companies that are fiddling the system by claiming tax rebates for green investments. This is certainly a serious issue and the kind of thing a newspaper should be writing about, on the basis that news is something that somebody doesn't want you to hear. But there should be a little more depth, some expanation of the underlying theories and discussion of the actual carbon savings from solar. And perhaps they could give actual examples of companies playing the system, as they did with those foreign companies guilty of investing in Japan.

This does very neatly lead up to the quote that I put in the title of this post, but I can't help thinking that the article was written to lead up to that, rather than in a quest for truth and understanding.