Friday, 9 May 2014

Recycle or reduce

In keeping with the ecological theme of this blog, I've decided to start recycling posts. Not the wooden kind.

To help identify these recycled posts, I've added a new tag "old" by which to label them. This seems to me much better than labelling any posts that are new "new". If I do that, they are not going to be new for long, so I'd have to change the label later. Posts that are old when they are posted will always be old.

Probably the recycled posts will have some new comments added. In fact I've been putting this off for a while because I know that by the time I've read through the post, checked the spelling and grammar for the inevitable typos, revised some of my more naive and abrasive comments, mended broken links to any photos in the post, or added images if there were none, it would have taken less time to write a completely new post. So maybe I should be labelling them something like "20% extra new".

Or perhaps rather than recycling posts, I should just be reducing them, and keeping true to the ecological mantra.