Thursday, 31 July 2014

No more till September

I had had ambitious plans to load up several new and old posts so there would be an uninteruppted stream on the blog. I was going to send the fifty half-written emails in my draft box, but of course most of them are just a half baked idea in the title without anything solid to back them up, or solid titles undermined by half baked prose.

So pretty much the same as what usually gets published. 

And I was going to go through the archives and re-publish from the beginning, but even that would have taken more time than I have had.

But it hasn't happened, and now it probably won't happen. Not until September when I get back from my travels. 

I'd like to be sending messages from the yacht, telling you how nice it is to be our of email contact, but of course I'll be out of email contact.