Friday, 27 November 2015

Five great ideas for boring house gifts

Your friends just moved into a new house, and they invited you round. It would be nice to take them a present, for the house, but what should you get? Here are some house gifts that seem pretty dull, but in fact may be highly appreciated by the homeowners.

1. A wheelbarrow
Maybe not such a good idea if they don't have a garden. More of a garden gift than a house gift. A very useful garden gift.

2. Extension cables
There are never enough sockets in a house, and they are often in the wrong place. Especially useful are extensions with multiple sockets, each with a switch. Sockets with timers can also be useful.

3. A bucket
The chances are that nobody else got one for them. Buckets always come in handy, for example when your friends have their first flood. You could get a really nice stainless steel one. Or you could get a plastic bucket that look like metal, if they have a sense of humour.

4. Shelf brackets
Houses never have enough shelves. Don't buy the actual shelves as they will probably be the wrong size.

5. A snow shovel
Good for areas where it snows, obviously. They may already have one, but it may not be a very good one and low quality snow shovels break fairly quickly. Snow is a lot heavier than it looks. Even if they already have a good one, another one could come in handy since shovelling snow is much faster and more fun in company.

And even if it doesn't snow in your area now, it may do soon! Global warming means higher temperatures and more extreme weather. Since most of the world's surface is water, that higher temperature is going to mean more evaporation, and more moisture in the atmosphere. When that moisture hits extreme cold, you're going to get snow.