Saturday, 20 August 2011

36 views of Matsumoto Passive House

A couple of weeks ago I clocked the camera memory stick. I've been taking pictures of the site since they first laid out bits of string to mark the footprint of the house, back in December last year. I've been deleting old pictures from the camera each time to make space for the new ones, and just caught up with the first pictures of the plot.

At the beginning I took four pictures, one from each corner of the plot. I'm still taking the same four pictures, adding each one to a separate album.

Actually, there are many more than 36 views. There are now over 90 albums, most with a series of pictures taken each day from a fixed spot inside or outside the house. On a busy day I'll take over 100 photos.

The slideshow above is the biggest album, the view from the South East corner of the land, with 130 photos. To the right is the latest angle, looking at where the boiler as going. I wish I'd started taking this shot sooner. The back wall is already finished. 

You can see all the albums here on picasa.

I've wanted to change the name of an album a few times as the situation changes. Unfortunately, the name of the album is included in the link to the photo, so once I've used the link it's not a good idea to change the name. The names each made sense at the time.

Another thing that seems to happen is that I'll start taking a shot from an angle, then something will appear right in front of the camera, blocking the view.
This happened with two of the original angles, when a wire frame appeared in the shot from the North East corner, and a portaloo appeared in the view from the North West.  
More recently they moved the boiler, still in its box, right into the middle of the shot from the South East corner inside the house. 

I think this view of the four corners of the house is nice, and shows how the walls are developing.  

I really need to go through some of these albums and delete all the pictures that look the same, but having spent so much time adding photos, it will be painful. Editing always takes ten times longer than making things, but probably makes things ten times better. Less is more. Enough said.

More views:
new upstairs and progress downstairs.
(Somewhat crosseyed) stereo view from the north.
The view from the western approach.
This began a view of the foundation, but you can now see the South West corner of the house, from the outside.

Or you could just press "views" in the labels yourself!