Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Baby sitting

The architect asked whether it would be OK to show some people around the house before we move in. I said it was OK, but I told him I wanted to be there, and that I was free on Wednesday morning. He came back later to say that he'd told them to come between 10 and 2pm. Fourteen o'clock is not usually considered morning in my book, but perhaps time is different for architects. It would at last explain why a house that he said would be ready October 2010 is having people running around like blue arsed flies to be ready by December 2011. 

The Wednesday in question was the day before they handed the keys over and two days before we moved in. You would think that he may be sensitive to all the people working on the house and not turn the place into a lounge for his ego for four hours in the middle of the day. 

My worry was that he would be going around the house showing off all the things that he had decided to do, taking credit for things he had variously disagreed with, ridiculed, failed to work out or required somebody else's expertise to make.

He was talking to someone about the windows at the top of the house, on the little bit of North wall that makes up the difference in angle and size between the North and South roof. He was explaining that wind blows mostly from the North, even in the summer, so those windows will bring a lot of air through the house, and that's why he decided to put them there. 

Wait a minute, I thought. Hadn't his plans put those windows facing South?