Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ten good things about the new house

To make sure I'm not just finding fault with everything, so that I don't sound like a miserable git, and so that I don't turn into a miserable git, here are some things that are really good about the new house. In no particular order, and all little details, but life is made up of little details. Usually little details interspersed with boring bits. The details can be a bit tedious at times too, but here you go!

1. The kitchen counter is at the right height.

2. I don't have to stoop to get through each doorway either. This will be good for my back, once it recovers from moving all the boxes.

3. No parts of the house get scarily cold and become no-go areas in the winter.

4. The handle of the kettle doesn't get hot. We have an IH heater, so the heat is going straight into the water inside the kettle, rather than warming up the sides of it and the handle on the top. We used to need a towel to pick up the kettle in the last house because it got so hot. Now it doesn't get hot at all. IH must be a lot more efficient. It also seems a lot cleaner as the flames and fumes from the gas are not carrying particles of grease around the kitchen.

5. I can park the car in front of the house.  I just changed to snow tires and don't have to wheel them all the way from the car park to store them in the garden.

6. I don't have to worry about coming home to a cold house. It will never get cold, even without the heating on. And even if the heating is on, I can leave it on, and not worry about the house burning down too.

7. I don't have to wear socks inside.

8. I can see outside from in the house. It's nice being able to see snow on top of the mountains, or watch it fall. Also this means I can stay inside all day without getting cabin fever.

9. I don't have to walk through the kitchen after having a bath. The bathroom in the old house was the other side of the kitchen.

10. I can get to the post box without having to cross any roads. From the last house, we had to wait at the really long traffic lights to get across the busy main road, or walk across the river to the one near the new house, or go much further to get to the local post office. Not that I have to post letters very often, but I did say that it was in the details.