Monday, 10 September 2012

Talking about my generation

August was definitely a good month. About 150 kWh more than May, which had been the best month before then. You can see how well we're doing here, with the actual monthly generation in green and the simulated monthly below it, for the whole year. As I write the September generation is just based on the first week, so it may get better or worse. The simulation is quite a lot worse than August, although August was not the best month in the simulation.

There is quite a variation between the simulation and the actual results, and we are doing much better in the summer, and were doing a little worse in the winter, so the overall the simulation seems pessimistic. Of course this year's weather may have been exceptional, and the differences could be accounted for by that. We'll need a few years' data before we can really know how accurate the simulation was.

To get an idea of why August was so good, you can see from this chart that there were just very few days with low generation. Also there was relatively little limitation of the power output, in fact the least since records began. Less than two hours over the whole month, compared with almost twenty hours in May.