Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Turf laid... Time to get a lawn mower

Lawns are not really a big thing in Japan, so the lawn mower culture is very different. I remember lawn mowing in England as a childhood chore. First we used an old petrol-engine Mountfield that collected the clippings in a case at the back. I have bitter memories of lugging it around the lawn, and later trying to clean all the grass crud that had accumulated in the nooks and crannies. Next we got a Flymo that cut the grass as it hoovered around the lawn.

We also had one of those manual cutters that had no engine and relied on you pushing to spin the blades around. This didn't seem to cut the grass and we never used it.

I thought these would be long obsolete, but they sell them in Japan. Not so much as a cheaper option for the lawn-owning poor (who do not exist) or the congenitally tight-fisted. The tag line is that these lawn mowers are quieter, so they won't disturb the neighbours.

They also have these:
I can think of many things that would hinder the robot on its path.